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By   chance,   Kris   Kringle,   an   old   man   in   a   retirement home,    gets    a    job    working    as    Santa    for    Macy's.    Kris unleashes   waves   of   good   will   with   Macy's   customers   and the    commercial    world    of    New    York    City    by    referring parents   to   other   stores   to   find   exactly   the   toy   their   child has   asked   for.   Seen   as   deluded   and   dangerous   by   Macy's vocational   counselor,   who   plots   to   have   Kris   shanghaied to   Bellevue   Psychiatric   Hospital,   Kris   ends   up   in   a   court competency    hearing.    Especially    at    stake    is    one    little girl's   belief   in   Santa.   In   a   dramatic   decision,   the   court confirms    Kris    as    the    true    Santa,    allowing    Susan    and countless    other    children    to    experience    the    joy    of childhood fantasy.
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Attention All Volunteers If    you've    participated    at    Pec Playhouse    this    year,    did    you know   you're   eligible   to   become a   Member   of   the   organization?     Membership     is     open     to     any volunteer,   age   12   or   older,   who has    accumulated    at    least    10 hours   of   service   or   participation during   the   2015   calendar   year.     Member     benefits     include     the right    to    vote    at    the    Annual Meeting   in   January   2016   and   an invitation   to   any   members-only events       during       the       year.         Members    may    also    serve    as Committee   Chairs.      In   order   to nominate,   vote,   or   be   elected   at the      Annual      Meeting,      your membership   application   must   be received    by    the    Secretary    by December   1.      Click   here   to   get the form.
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