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Feb 17 - Mar 5, 2017 9 Performances Total Fri & Sat 8pm Sun 2pm
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In this adaptation of the classic novel and cult film. Benjamin   Braddock   has   just   finished   college   and,   back at    his    parents'    house,    he's    trying    to    avoid    the    one question   everyone   keeps   asking:   What   does   he   want   to do    with    his    life?   An    unexpected    diversion    crops    up when    he    is    seduced    by    Mrs.    Robinson,    a    bored housewife   and   friend   of   his   parents.   But   what   begins as   a   fun   tryst   turns   complicated   when   Benjamin   falls for   the   one   woman   Mrs.   Robinson   demanded   he   stay away from, her daughter, Elaine.  
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Some material in this production may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13.
Pec Playhouse Annual Meeting January 7th @ 6pm at the PPT theater 314 Main Street Pecatonica, IL
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